Welcome baby!


The newest member of DH Farms!

Welcome baby Jewel!

Arriving in the early morning of March 12th, baby Jewel is PERFECT! I have always been a lover of that deep rich bay color and anyone who knows me also knows I love a minimal white so combined with the fact that I was hoping for a filly to one day replace her aging mama, this was the perfect storm for me. Looking forward to years of showing this beauty. I captured her unfolding her long legs today and I will share that with you all. My heart she is the cutest ( I might be bias 😉 )

Still waiting!

It’s like torture! While we were not really expecting a baby prior to March 19th (330 days) having her wandering around miserable and with wax dripping off has made me a tiny bit excited! Not to mention it might be a really long few weeks if I stay up every night watching the camera haha. The weather has been perfect for the arrival of a little bundle of joy, that’s for sure. Since it is our ONLY baby this year (horse baby) we are beyond anxious for it to arrive safely.

Wax for days!